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  • Island III The Charnwood Island III is the largest stove in the Island collection. Its majestic proportions make it ideal for larger rooms and open plan areas. Exuding a rated 16kW of heat, this is a stove that can take an incredible log length of over half a metre. The Island III offers a spectacular view of the fire. A true wide-screen experience. The Charnwood Island range sets the definitive standard for clean-burning multi-fuel stoves. When this collection was launched it revolutionised multi-fuel home heating creating the benchmark in environmentally clean-burn, single controlled stoves. Engineered on the Isle of Wight UK, from the very best combination of materials the Island range utilises years of research and development into low emission burning. Heating output: 16kW Flue Size: 180mm Flue Exit: Top or Rear exit Dimensions (WxHxD): 765 x 713 x 484mm
  •  Skye 5

    An exceptionally clean wood burning and multi-fuel stove, British made on the Isle of Wight. The Charnwood Skye 5 is a new state-of-the-art stove with a remarkably efficient combustion system. It’s innovative burn technology ensures efficiencies of up to 86% and exceeds the new Eco Design standards and Defra exemption limits; allowing wood to be burnt cleanly in smoke control areas. As thoughtful in style as it is in function the Skye 5 has a refreshing design aesthetic; classically minimal with landscape proportions and a soft modern edge. Heating output: 5kW Flue Size: 125mm Flue Exit: Top or Rear exit Dimensions (WxHxD): 509 x 632 x 390mm
  •  Skye 7

    he Skye 7 is Charnwood’s latest addition to the ultra-clean burning Skye range.

    As thoughtful in style as it is in function, the Skye has a refreshing design aesthetic; classically minimal with a soft modern edge. Whilst the Skye 7 is very easy to operate (one simple push/pull control), the ground breaking technology behind the cast iron casing ensures the user gets the very best efficiency from the fuel burnt. Heating output: 7kW Flue Size: 150mm Flue Exit: Top or Rear exit Dimensions with log stand (WxHxD): 568 x 858 x 390mm
  • Cove 2

    With its gentle curved door and soft lines, the Charnwood Cove 2 creates a powerful focal point for any room. It delivers a respectable 8kW of heat with a maximum output of 11kW. The base options give the stove five very different looks. The low stand and low arch are perfect for fitting the appliance into a standard fireplace opening whilst the store stand and centre stand are ideal for a large inglenook or a freestanding situation. Engineered on the Isle of Wight UK, from the very best combination of materials the Arc utilises years of research and development into low emission burning. Heating output: 11kW Flue Size: 150mm Flue Exit: Top or Rear exit Dimensions (WxHxD): 520 x 697 x 403mm
  • Cove 3

    The Charnwood Cove 3 is the largest stove in the Cove range. With a rated output of 12kW and a maximum of 16kW it is ideally suited to a larger room, hall or open plan area. The Cove 3 is able to take a log length of up to half a metre and with its tall curved door offers a spectacular view of the fire. Engineered on the Isle of Wight UK, from the very best combination of materials the Arc utilises years of research and development into low emission burning. Heating output: 16kW Flue Size: 150mm Flue Exit: Top or Rear exit Dimensions (WxHxD): 660 x 1030 x 439mm
  • Firefox - Counter Top Gas Grill

    This gas grill is designed to be installed onto a level platform to support it. This can be a platform of concrete, granite, marble or any non-combustible material on which the grill can stand. Or, more typically, it can be built in, so that the top of the grill is level with and supported by the counter top. This can create a stunning effect on covered patios.


    These units are available in 3 sizes.They can be installed as a traditional griller or with the added benefit of an oven under the unit. The oven uses the heat from the gas burners to keep plates or cooked food warm, or with the removal of the upper drip tray some cooking can be done. Optional extras include braai plates (for cooking fish, bacon & eggs, stir fry), rotisserie dome, chicken baskets, etc. As well as stainless steel cupboard doors to close the space under the braai, to create a stunning feature and give you some storage space.
  • Firefox - Drop In Gas Grill

    These grills are designed to drop into a counter top, very much the same as you would a kitchen hob. They provide a sleek and stylish option to the more traditional braai look. As with a kitchen hob, some air needs to be drawn from the cupboard for the combustion process to work efficiently. As our units have powerful 8kw burners, the air requirement will be higher than for a typical hob. We recommend that allowance be made for reasonable air ingress to the cupboard space. This could take the form of a louvre on the cupboard door, or a louvre in the kick plate and in the lower surface of the cupboard. As with all gas grills our units have a drip tray at the bottom of the unit to catch any fat that drops though the burner area. It is important that this tray can be accessed and cleaned periodically  
  • Firefox - Extraction Canopy

    Firefox has for many years designed and made canopies to go over gas braais. Our extractor fan is the most powerful of those used for domestic applications and enables the canopy height to be put at about 900mm above the top of the braai. Typically this means 1.8m above floor level and keeps the canopy out of the way of most people’s heads. Our new style standard canopies are made out of brushed stainless steel c/w swivel lights, giving an excellent finish to your covered patio. Available in 1000mm, 1250mm or 1500mm wide. They can be installed with either a vertical flueing system through the roof or a rear exit, where there is an external wall. The rear exit system is particularly neat, in that the fan is mounted in the external wall behind the canopy, with a louvre sitting on the external wall, through which the fumes/smoke exit - the only domestic system in SA where this can be done.

    Filter Frame

      Our filter frames are designed to be used where there is an existing brick chimney in which a gas grill is operating but the smoke/fumes are not being drawn properly up the chimney. An electrical fan is mounted to the top or rear of the chimney to draw the smoke up, and a custom made filter frame mounted in the brick chimney above the grill to catch the grease. The filter frames have the same removable filters as our canopies and are fitted out with reccessed lights.
  • Firefox - Multifunction Braai

    A built in braai for the serious braaier! With 4 size options and various optional extras, you can select exactly how you what your braai. Available in mild steel, 3CR12 stainless steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel or better still, a mixture of mild steel bodywork with a 304 stainless steel frame and door. The options are huge. All of the braais have a light fitting with an option of a spit motor which can be added at anytime after the braai has been installed (a great Father's Day gift). 2 stainless steel warming draws fit neatly under the ember maker. All the size options have a full size door which folds down to become a table while using the braai. The 1000mm option has either a fold down door or a let and right fold open doors. The option is all yours! Sizes: 700mm / 1000mm / 1200mm / 1500mm    
  • Firefox - Multifunction Combo Braai Charcoal / Wood or Gas - Combined

    Our Combo braais are designed for the family or business that wants the ability to cook on either charcoal/wood or gas. Gas cooking is great for being able to switch the grill on and be cooking 5 to 10 minutes later. Marvellous for those with a busy lifestyle the does not always allow time to get charcoal/wood braai going. The charcoal/wood burning section is great for when you have the time to make a fire and can properly enjoy the extra taste from the smoke. If you are catering for a large party then use both sides. Available in 1200 & 1500mm versions.
  • Firefox - Multifunction Gas Braai

    Out 1000mm Multifunction braai has a gas grill designed to fit. with 2 x 7kW burners, this grill provides a range of cooking temperatures to satisfy all cooking preferences. It has all the inherent advantages of our other gas grills. Our gas braai is capable of taking our standard fold down & slide in door, or the optional deluxe sidewards frame & door. Available in 1000mm only with various options of steel -- Mild steel, 3CR12, 304 or 316 stainless steel.
  • Firefox - Table Braai

    Over the years we have sold a few simplistic table braais, but have felt that we are not really tapping into the market, where a stylish Table Braai can be installed into a recess/chimney in the wall. With the use of a good quality clay brick or tile  to line this recess up to the chimney, a good design Table Braai could look stunning,  giving a different effect to that of a  traditional built in steel box. We have used the components from our Multifunction built in braais and have encased these in a decent outer box. As with our other braais these Table Braais can be manufactured in a range of metals, depending on the application. For enhanced visual effect , to provide a shelf in front of the braai  or to waterproof the braai when it is located in rain conditions, an optional Waterproofing Cover/shelf can be purchased, which simply bolts to the underside of the Table Braai. Waterproofing Covers are made in either 304 or 316 Stainless Steel for enhanced life expectancy and visual appeal.
  • Franco Limousin

    Large cast iron, slow combustion stove. Can burn anthracite or wood. Single door with large ash tray for easy cleaning. Output: 10kW  
  • Franco Belge Monaco

    A medium size cast iron, wood burning stove. Large ash tray for easy cleaning. Airwash system which keeps the glass clean during burning. Includes tertiary air inlets for cleaner burning. Output: 8,5kW
  • Franco Belge Montfort MF Mk2 Elegance

    The Montfort is a small cast iron stove, which heats a surprisingly large area and is available in a Contemporary style Mk2. The Mk2 should preferably be used with wood and has vermiculite firebox linings for more efficient and cleaner combustion. It has a large ash tray for easy cleaning, dual combustion air controls with an air-wash system to keep the glass clean and a top or back flue entry. Output: 6kW
  • Franco Belge Savoy MK1 Classic W

    Solid cast iron, wood burning, slow combustion heating stove. Large clear glass window gives an open view of the flames, and the large ash tray makes for easy cleaning. Dual air control with stainless steel knobs. Also available as a multi-fuel option. Output: 8kW