Firefox – Extraction Canopy

Firefox has for many years designed and made canopies to go over gas braais.
Our extractor fan is the most powerful of those used for domestic applications and enables the canopy height to be put at about 900mm above the top of the braai. Typically this means 1.8m above floor level and keeps the canopy out of the way of most people’s heads. Our new style standard canopies are made out of brushed stainless steel c/w swivel lights, giving an excellent finish to your covered patio. Available in 1000mm, 1250mm or 1500mm wide.

They can be installed with either a vertical flueing system through the roof or a rear exit, where there is an external wall. The rear exit system is particularly neat, in that the fan is mounted in the external wall behind the canopy, with a louvre sitting on the external wall, through which the fumes/smoke exit – the only domestic system in SA where this can be done.

Filter Frame


Our filter frames are designed to be used where there is an existing brick chimney in which a gas grill is operating but the smoke/fumes are not being drawn properly up the chimney.

An electrical fan is mounted to the top or rear of the chimney to draw the smoke up, and a custom made filter frame mounted in the brick chimney above the grill to catch the grease.

The filter frames have the same removable filters as our canopies and are fitted out with reccessed lights.