Firefox – Drop In Gas Grill

These grills are designed to drop into a counter top, very much the same as you would a kitchen hob.

They provide a sleek and stylish option to the more traditional braai look.

As with a kitchen hob, some air needs to be drawn from the cupboard for the combustion process to work efficiently. As our units have powerful 8kw burners, the air requirement will be higher than for a typical hob. We recommend that allowance be made for reasonable air ingress to the cupboard space. This could take the form of a louvre on the cupboard door, or a louvre in the kick plate and in the lower surface of the cupboard.

As with all gas grills our units have a drip tray at the bottom of the unit to catch any fat that drops though the burner area. It is important that this tray can be accessed and cleaned periodically