Firefox – Table Braai

Over the years we have sold a few simplistic table braais, but have felt that we are not really tapping into the market, where a stylish Table Braai can be installed into a recess/chimney in the wall.
With the use of a good quality clay brick or tile  to line this recess up to the chimney, a good design Table Braai could look stunning,  giving a different effect to that of a  traditional built in steel box.

We have used the components from our Multifunction built in braais and have encased these in a decent outer box. As with our other braais these Table Braais can be manufactured in a range of metals, depending on the application.

For enhanced visual effect , to provide a shelf in front of the braai  or to waterproof the braai when it is located in rain conditions, an optional Waterproofing Cover/shelf can be purchased, which simply bolts to the underside of the Table Braai.
Waterproofing Covers are made in either 304 or 316 Stainless Steel for enhanced life expectancy and visual appeal.