Firefox – Counter Top Gas Grill

This gas grill is designed to be installed onto a level platform to support it. This can be a platform of concrete, granite, marble or any non-combustible material on which the grill can stand.

Or, more typically, it can be built in, so that the top of the grill is level with and supported by the counter top. This can create a stunning effect on covered patios.


These units are available in 3 sizes.They can be installed as a traditional griller or with the added benefit of an oven under the unit. The oven uses the heat from the gas burners to keep plates or cooked food warm, or with the removal of the upper drip tray some cooking can be done.

Optional extras include braai plates (for cooking fish, bacon & eggs, stir fry), rotisserie dome, chicken baskets, etc. As well as stainless steel cupboard doors to close the space under the braai, to create a stunning feature and give you some storage space.