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  • Rocal RCr100

    Rocal is a Spanish brand, which has been producing top quality slow combustion fireplaces for over 30 years. The RCr100 Graffiti has a number of innovative features which are shared across the contemporary looking Graffiti range. Reversible front door, stainless steel combustion chamber, vermiculite lining, wrap around casing, optional hot air conduction, air control from the front or top, as well as a large ash-pan for cleaning when needed. Output: 11kW
  • Rocal RCr70 Available with a Classic door or a Graffiti door. The Graffiti has extended glass which covers the entire door, creating a clean and modern look. The Classic door has a standard steel frame around the entire door. The RCr70 is the baby of the bunch, but no less effective, ideal for smaller living rooms which would be overpowered by the larger units. Output: 8kW
  • Rocal RCr80

    The RCr80 Graffiti has the identical features to the larger RCr100. Its clean, contemporary lines and large glass door add an understated opulence to any room. Output: 9,5kW