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  • Franco Limousin

    Large cast iron, slow combustion stove. Can burn anthracite or wood. Single door with large ash tray for easy cleaning. Output: 10kW  
  • Franco Belge Monaco

    A medium size cast iron, wood burning stove. Large ash tray for easy cleaning. Airwash system which keeps the glass clean during burning. Includes tertiary air inlets for cleaner burning. Output: 8,5kW
  • Franco Belge Montfort MF Mk2 Elegance

    The Montfort is a small cast iron stove, which heats a surprisingly large area and is available in a Contemporary style Mk2. The Mk2 should preferably be used with wood and has vermiculite firebox linings for more efficient and cleaner combustion. It has a large ash tray for easy cleaning, dual combustion air controls with an air-wash system to keep the glass clean and a top or back flue entry. Output: 6kW
  • Franco Belge Savoy MK1 Classic W

    Solid cast iron, wood burning, slow combustion heating stove. Large clear glass window gives an open view of the flames, and the large ash tray makes for easy cleaning. Dual air control with stainless steel knobs. Also available as a multi-fuel option. Output: 8kW  
  • Franco Belge Savoy MK2 Elegance MF

    Output: 8kW