Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

Create a Beautiful Escape. No Fuss. No Mess.

Entertain your guests with a magnificent and unique gas fire pit. A fire pit creates a social area, a place where guests will naturally gather together.

The fire pit will transform your space into a magical environment, opening up your guests to relaxation and free flowing conversation. Place your fire pit alongside your swimming pool, in the middle of your garden or on your patio. Wherever you choose to place it, it will provide your home with a sanctuary of style and a sense of adventure. We tailor make your fire pit to suit your specific area of placement, no matter the shape or size. All fire pits will be designed with an on/off switch control, putting you in control of your environment.

“Light a campfire and everyone’s a storyteller” John J Geddes

Create a beautiful escape in your backyard with an outdoor fireplace. With the simple flick of a switch you are able to liven up your home without the fuss and the mess of the traditional wooden bonfire. The SYAM team offer products that have been expertly designed to offer instant warmth and enlightened ambiance. Sip on your favourite cocktail while basking in the warmth and the glow of your outdoor fire.

SYAM fire pits are constructed from 304 stainless steel to withstand harsh the harsh South African weather – wind, rain, sun and cold. Your fire pit will give you years of pleasure.

These gas firepits come complete with ring burner, pan and valve box in heavy duty 304 stainless which has excellent corrosion properties specifically for outdoor use. The control valve is driven by a 24V supply which can be from a preferred location. They can be easily installed in your garden or preferred outdoor area with minimum cost and fuss. SYAM fireglass or volcanic rock, with or without our log sets, can both be used with the firepits – as decorative features.

The gas firepit must be connected to an existing or new gas installation by a registered SAQCC Gas Practitioner.

SYAM firepits are designed for outdoor use, are essentially round, rectangular, square or linear as a basic design, but can be tailored to suit your exact needs. All that is required from your side is the final finish – this being the rock, slate, metal, (a combination of both), surrounding feature, cement or whatever your imagination allows.

Electronic Ignition
The remote electronic ignition fire pit inserts are our top-of-the-line gas fire pit system featuring the ignition ease with use of a wall switch or handheld remote to control the High/Low flame control as well as auto-relight if flame is lost. They can also be connected to a smart home system.

Bluetooth enabled. Connecting your fire pit through an amplifier and speaker system you can enjoy the luxury of connecting your mobile device via Bluetooth, This enables the flames to dance with the music making a truly unforgettable evening experience.

Manual Spark Ignition
Perfect if no AC power to enclosure. Our mid-range complete drop-in fire pit insert kit utilizes a standing pilot with thermocouple to safely control gas flow, manual spark igniter (2 x 1.5V Battery), and a pilot valve. Simply flip ignition spark switch, depress knob for 30 seconds and enjoy!

Square Burner
450 | 600 | 750
Number of burner squares subject to selected size. Although the round pan fire pit insert is popular in square enclosures, the square pan model delivers more flame in the corners giving a uniform look with the square surrounding. Custom sizes available on request. Available in electronic or manual ignition.

Linear Burner
600 | 900 | 1200 | 1500 | 1800 | 2100
Our popular linear fire troughs are available in a wide range of sizes. Warping of pan lip while HOT is common – could cause lip to not sit flush on surface. Please recess lip below enclosure top to hide any warping. Custom sizes available on request. Available in electronic or manual ignition.

600 | 750| 900 | 1350
The H-Burner delivers 2 lines of fire along the length of the enclosure. This give a full comprehensive flame appearance over a much wider area. Custom sizes available on request. Available in electronic or manual ignition.

Round Burner
350 | 550 | 750 | 950 | 1050
This style of pan is our most popular – available from the small 550 model to the large 1050 version. The burner design creates a full higher flame with lower gas consumption than that of a ring style. Number of burner rings subject to selected size. Custom sizes available on request. Available in electronic or manual ignition.