Scan DSA 12


The Scan DSA 12 is a fantastic double sided built in unit. The large panoramic glass doors optimise the view of the flames from both sides, as well as enables the heat distribution to both sides.

There are no visible baffle plates to obscure the view through the fire, and yet the unit burns with a very high efficiency. This is possible because of the innovative combustion technology developed by Scan particularly for this double sided model.

The air controls of the Scan DSA 12 can be operated from either side, and either of the doors can be used for re-stocking the fire with wood.

The heated air from the combustion chamber of this unit can be used either in the area in which the stove is located or can be chanelled to heat the room above. Perfect for heating a bedroom of up to 30m2.

This beautiful built in is a truly innovative product with superb attention to detail, making it a statement in any modern home.

Output 12kw. Heats up to 480m3

Technical Specifications

Finish options: Black /White Glass
Heat output: 10 Kw/400m3
Flue outlet: Top
Flue size: 150 mm