Lacunza Freestanding Closed Combustion

Enjoy the power and beauty of the imported Lacunza Silver built in fireplace but as a freestanding closed combustion fireplace. No need to break open or build, the Lacunza freestanding closed combustion fireplace can be placed anywhere you want. The freestanding Lacunza offer you the same power in the nominal 13Kw and 11.5Kw outputs of the 1000 and 800 models.

The freestanding casing of the Lacunza is made from durable carbon steel and powder coated to a luxurious mat finish. You can place the freestanding Lacunza closed combustion fireplace on a non combustible surface like a concrete plinth or choose one of two bases. Choose between a freestanding log box or a bench. Both finished to the same luxurious powder coated mat finish.