Kratki fireplaces are made in Poland and conforms to strict EU standards and regulations. Each unit is designed with strength and quality in mind to provide you with heated comfort throughout every winter.

The freestanding stoves in the steel fireplace range are manufactured with 4mm thick steel. The combustion chambers are lined with a highly refractory accumote ceramic. The traditional cast iron stoves are manufactured with a minimum wall thickness of 8mm of class 200 cast iron.

Product features

  • Improved strength and performance with minimum 8mm wall thickness of class 200 cast iron.
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary combustion, with control.
  • Air wash glass cleaning system.
  • Increased strength with accumote baffle plate.
  • Heat resistant glass withstands temperatures of 800°C.
  • Decorative ceramic surround, available in off-white or black.


  • Nominal Power: 6,5kW
  • Range of Power: 3 – 9,3kW
  • Heating Capacity: 140 – 225m3
  • Strength of materials: 4mm steel with accumote
  • Weight: 130kg
  • Efficiency: 80%
  • CO Emissions: 0.2%
  • Flue pipe diameter: 130mm

The Kratki Brand – Established in 1998, Kratki is Poland’s most well-known and respected manufacturer of wood burning, gas and bioethanol fireplaces.