The Hergom Dero is a part of the Hergom Central Heating Fireplaces –

Hergom's Central Heating Fireplaces allows you to heat your entire home while enjoying the warmth of the fire in your living room. The wood burning fireplace features a water tank that connects to the home's radiator system and hot water network. As a result of Hergom's technological developments, central heating fireplaces are the ultimate step towards energy independence.

The Dero boasts a full glass on a cast iron fronted fireplace. Thermostatic combustion control, according to the water temperature. The Dero stand on adjustable feet and holds the water tank behind the fire out of sight.

Founded in 1960 in Santander (Spain), and dedicated to heating products manufacturing since then, Hergom is today one of the industry´s main companies worldwide, with five manufacturing and operating facilities in Europe and America.

Heating output: 16kW

Flue Size: 200mm
Flue Exit: Top Only
Dimensions (W x H x D): 936 x 1268 x 607mm