The Duke displays both modern and traditional values in its simple lines, giving great freedom to the positioning of the fireplace. The ash disposal pan, situated in the base gives way to hassle free cleaning and reduces cleaning to a convenient two to three times a week. This unit is ideal for open-plan living areas. The option of rotating, as well as a double-sided model, also adds to its attraction. The unit is available in three sizes.

Supplied with 3,6m chimney, grate & ash pan, damper, trim, rotating cowl, touch-up paint & humidifier.

Duke 800
Unit Size: W 800mm x H 850mm x D 700mm
Heating Capacity: 140m3

Duke 900
Unit Size: W 900mm x H 1050mm x D 800mm
Heating Capacity: 180m3

Duke 1000
Unit Size: W 1000mm x H 1120mm x D 890mm
Heating Capacity: 220m3